Sunday, July 9, 2017

Four Students Complete Certificate in Iconographic Arts

After the blessing of the icons at the conclusion of the 2017 session of the Iconographic Arts Institute, four students received their Certificates in Iconographic Arts. 

Michele Cale, Sue Forrest, Kathleen McDonnell, and Anne Sekul, RSM, are the first students to have completed all the elements of the 12-step curriculum, include a public exhibition and veneration of their work, which also took place during the Institute this year.
The text of the Certificate reads:

Iconographic Arts Institute
At Mount Angel, Oregon

To all reading these letters, salutation in the name of the Lord.  Let it be known that Anne Olivia Sekul, RSM, insomuch as she has completed all studies and disciplines to the requirement of the Institute, all obstacles having been overcome, and showing herself to be fit, has been awarded, the Certificate in the Arts of Iconography and consequently is able to enjoy all of the rights, privileges, honors attached to this certification.

Showing faith in these things, we, the Founders of the Iconographic Arts Institute, have signed below, the seal of the Institute having been affixed.  Awarded at Mount Angel on the first day of the month of July, in the year A.D. 2017.