Recommend by the instructors and students of the Institute:


Gabriel Bunge: The Rublev Trinity: The Icon of the Trinity by the Monk-Painter Andre Rublev

Patrick Doolan: Recovering the Icon: The Life and Work of Leonid Ouspensky

Alfredo Tradigo: Icons and Saints of the Eastern Orthodox Church

Irina Yazykova: Hidden and Triumphant: The Underground Struggle to Save Russian Iconography

Mahmoud Zibawi: Eastern Christian Worlds


Athanasius: On the Incarnation

John of Damascus: Three Treatises on the Divine Images

Aidan Hart: Beauty, Spirit, Matter: Icons in the Modern World

Paul Meyendorff and Andrew Tregubov: The Incarnate God

Leonid Ouspensky: Theology of the Icon

Leonid Ouspensky and Vladimir Lossky: The Meaning of Icons

Stefano Parenti: Praying with the Orthodox Tradition

Theodore the Studite: On the Holy Icons

Kallistos Ware: The Orthodox Way


George Kordis: Icon as Communion: The Ideals and Compositional Principles of Icon

Gregory Melnick: An Icon Painter's Notebook: The Bolshakov Edition

Gregory Melnick: An Iconographer's Sketchbook: Vol. 1: The Postnikov Collection

Gregory Melnick: An Iconographer's Sketchbook: Vol. II: The Tyulin Collection

Egon Sendler: The Icon: Image of the Invisible: Elements of Theology, Aesthetics, and Technique

Daniel V. Thompson, Jr., translator:  The Craftsman's Handbook

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